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How would your life be different if you felt comfortable and confident in your body?

Too many of us spend our lives struggling with food, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting and can’t remember the last time we felt comfortable and confident in our own skin. It can feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of fad diets and exercise crazes, hoping something will work to keep the weight off, your energy up, your stress down, only to find yourself back where you started.

On a typical day, you wake up still tired. You try on 7 different outfits, don’t like the way anything fits, and are disheartened by what you see in the mirror. You go through your day feeling stressed and overwhelmed by everything you should be doing but don’t know how to squeeze into one day. You know you should exercise, but you can’t muster the energy and you don’t have the time. You try to be ‘good’ on your diet only to indulge in too much sugar in the evening. You end your day stressed, exhausted, and feeling stuck. You’ve tried everything and nothing is working.

NOW IMAGINE you wake up feeling rested and have time for a morning routine that energizes you for the day. You fit into your favorite clothes and smile when you catch your reflection in the mirror. You eat a healthy breakfast. You are able to handle any stressors or obstacles that come your way with a thoughtful, calm approach. You eat a lunch that fuels you and you avoid that mid-afternoon slump by going for a walk and getting some fresh air. Dinner is homemade and satisfying and you enjoy every bite instead of ordering pizza or going through the drive-through and mindlessly eating it while watching tv. You made time for a strength workout or your favorite yoga class. As you look back on your day you realize with a smile that you feel genuinely good in your own skin and authentically you.

I believe everyone has the power to change their future and feel their best no matter what their past or present looks like. I believe it’s possible to end the cycle of nonstop dieting and exhausting exercise and learn to eat, move, and live in a way that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit. I believe it’s possible to have the energy to do the things you want to do, to move in the world with confidence, to get dressed with ease, and to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

So, how would your life be different if you felt comfortable and confident in your body?

What are you waiting for? Contact me to get started on your wellness journey. You deserve it!

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