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Longevity - We Have the Power to Age Well

We can’t avoid getting older. But how we age and how long we live are not completely out of our control. When I started health coaching, I created a Wellness Vision for myself – a description of my best self to help me focus on my priorities, live according to my values, and stick to my goals. A key feature of my vision is aging gracefully - to live my best life and have the physical and mental health to enjoy it. At every age, I want to do my best to feel vital, active, and strong and continue to do the activities I love, like walking, hiking, and biking with my family and friends. And my goal as a health coach is to help you do the same – to help you get more good life in your days and more good days in your life.

Aging doesn’t have to be a slow downhill slide into deterioration, decay, and dependency. It doesn’t have to mean the inevitability of weight gain, energy loss, and medication. And it doesn’t have to be a prescription for disease. You may think that your genes determine your longevity, and it is out of your control. But the truth is genetics account for less than 30% of your life expectancy. The rest comes from your behaviors, attitudes, and environment, which, for the most part, we can control.

What if you chose not to accept the negative depictions of growing old in our culture? What if you chose to enhance your quality of life for the rest of your life? Instead of feeling like your body and mind are getting softer and slower every day, what if you could wake up each morning feeling healthy, vibrant, and strong?

Living a youthful and vibrant life means taking personal responsibility for your health and wellness. It means learning what you can do to promote good health and incorporating those things into your daily routine. Adopting healthy habits can create possibilities for people to age positively and reconstruct what aging “normally” means.

So what are those healthy lifestyle habits that may increase our longevity and improve the quality of the life that we do have?

Research shows there are 8 key health habits to add more days to your life, and more good life to your days -

  1. Eating a healthy diet

  2. Exercising regularly

  3. Maintaining a healthy body weight

  4. Managing stress

  5. Getting enough sleep

  6. Fostering personal relationships

  7. Not smoking

  8. Not drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

Embrace these healthy lifestyle habits as part of your daily routine. It’s never too late to make positive changes. Adults of every age can make changes today that will improve your health tomorrow and may help you live longer and in better health.

My mission is to help you to live long and strong and free of chronic disease. Ready to add more good life in your days and more good days in your life? Contact me today to get started!

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