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Wellness Wheel Tool

As a health coach, I think a lot about diet and nutrition. What we choose to eat has profound effects on our overall health. The food we eat can provide us with nutrients that promote health and protect our bodies from disease. Or when it’s full of sugar, refined and processed ingredients, and saturated and trans fats, our food can be the primary cause of disease. But it’s a mistake to assume that food is the only consideration that matters when it comes to wellness or that all health problems can be solved simply by making dietary changes.

The reality is that there are many aspects of life that contribute to being healthy. It’s possible to be physically healthy but feel unwell and live in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to pause and reflect on the past twelve months, to identify the areas of your life that cause dissatisfaction and create imbalance, to set new aspirations, and visualize the year to come. I think we can all agree it’s been a challenging year, so there is all the more reason to optimize your wellness and approach 2021 correctly. To help you identify imbalances and determine where to spend more time and energy this year to improve your wellness, I am excited to share my Wellness Wheel tool with you!

The Wellness Wheel is a simple yet powerful tool for visualizing all areas of your life at once to see which are flourishing and where you most need improvement. Click below to download a copy of the tool:

Swan Wellness Wheel
Download PDF • 280KB

Take some time to reflect on the sections of the wheel and rank your level of fulfillment in each area of your life. Place a dot on the line to indicate your level of satisfaction in each area of life that contributes to wellness. A dot toward the center indicates dissatisfaction and a dot toward the periphery indicates satisfaction.

For example, if your relationships with members of your family are fulfilling and you are very happy with the level of closeness and support you receive from your family, place a dot on the line by family toward the outside of the circle.

Connect the dots to see your Wellness Wheel. How smoothly does your Wellness Wheel roll?

  • How fulfilled are you in all the different aspects of life that contribute to health and wellness?

  • Which of your life areas are flourishing and which ones need the most work?

  • How would addressing those areas improve your wellness and bring you more happiness?

Consider your Wellness Wheel as you start the new year. Let your wheel guide your choices and how you focus your time and energy to create a more satisfying life for yourself in 2021.

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